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"A detailed examination."
Apr 7 '14
Mick ‘n’ Joots.  Still my all-time favorite love team.
Rest in peace, Mickey.

Mick ‘n’ Joots.  Still my all-time favorite love team.

Rest in peace, Mickey.

Apr 6 '14
The Beach Boys - The Warmth Of The Sun (Shut Down, Vol. 2)

The Warmth of the Sun - The Beach Boys

Lest I forget the meaning of this season.

Feb 27 '14
Jane Krakowski - I Will Never Forget You Rural Juror (30 Rock (Original TV Soundtrack))

With the poignant laughter of a sitcom’s series finale, the bittersweet smiles of an SNL cast member’s last episode and the held-back tears of Margaret Thatcher leaving Downing Street for the last time, I’m hanging up my PSD hat and bid this chapter a very fond farewell.  

These truly were the best days of my flerm.

Feb 20 '14
Feb 13 '14
Frank Sinatra - One For My Baby

Because it’s a quarter to three…

Feb 8 '14

Three months after typhoon Haiyan, the Philippines says “thank you” to the world. Maraming salamat po!

Jan 1 '14
I’ve always been an Old Fashioned kind of girl. #happynewyear #bourbon #makersmark #evanwilliams #angostura

I’ve always been an Old Fashioned kind of girl. #happynewyear #bourbon #makersmark #evanwilliams #angostura

Dec 16 '13
Vince Guaraldi Trio - Christmas Time is Here (A Charlie Brown Christmas)


Vince Guaraldi Trio | Christmas Time is Here

(Source: vixenelle)

Dec 2 '13

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I believe it’s time to assess how I fared with regards to the predictions I made almost 20 months ago re: Catching Fire.  Kindly refer to this post.

Freddie Stroma/Steven R. McQueen/Jeremy Sumpter/Sean Brosnan as Finnick Odair - DID NOT HAPPEN, but I’m very pleased with the outcome

Selma Blair as Johanna Mason - DID NOT HAPPEN (I should’ve known it would be Lydia!-Jane)

Mark Strong as Romulus Thread - DID NOT HAPPEN

Kathryn Bigelow/Duncan Jones as director - DID NOT HAPPEN

Suga Mama Proud from The Proud Family/Truffles from Chowder as Mags - DID NOT HAPPEN, surprisingly

Tucker Foley from Danny Phantom/Cookie from Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide as Beetee - DID NOT HAPPEN, another shocker

Mumford and Sons/The Avett Brothers/The Swell Season/Lady Antebellum in the soundtrack - DID NOT HAPPEN

BUT, I do get points for predicting that Coldplay would perform the lead single, even though I did indicate “One Direction feat. Coldplay.”  

I made the mistake of assuming that Catching Fire would retain the country/folk sensibilities of the previous soundtrack.  After making some adjustments, and taking a cue from the Capitol Stormtroopers/Clone troopers, I now predict that the Mockingjay lead single will be performed by Daft Punk.

May the odds be ever in our favor.

Nov 24 '13
Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - You're All I Need to Get By


You’re All I Need to Get By | Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell

One of all-time favorite duets